We want to clear the air on the most common questions Arbor Pass residents may have about the community, its rules and policies, utilities for your home and anything else you can think to ask about.

Questions worth answering

Billing and Account Info

Get answers to important questions about paying your Arbor Pass-related bills and accessing your Community Management account:

How do I get account information?
Contact Carra Pewsey (carrap@communitymgt.com) with Community Management and she will provide you with your account credentials.
How do I pay my monthly HOA dues or water bill?
Visit the Community Management website, where you can log into your account and pay your monthly dues and water bill via the Make a Payment tab.
How do I change my password? What if I forgot my password?
Under the Registration tab on the Community Management website, you can make changes to your login information.

Community Rules

Wondering how late the Arbor Pass Clubhouse is open or what the community's policy is for vistor parking? You can find out more here:

Where can I find the community rules?
You can find the Arbor Pass community bylaws and a list of the rules on the Docs and Forms page on the Community Management website. Note that you must be logged into your account to view this page.
What is the owner's responsibility regarding cleaning up dog poop?
Dog owners should always clean up after their pets. There are several dog waste stations around the community where you will find bags to pick up the poop and an attached can to dispose of the bag afterward.
Who can access the Arbor Pass pool and what are the rules for using it?
The pool typically opens in May and closes in September. The pool is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. during that period. Residents can use the pool and bring along up to four guests at a time. Remember you will need your fob to access the pool via the gates or doors. No food or drink is permitted while using the pool, except for water. Horseplay is not allowed in the pool at any time.
Who is allowed to reserve the Arbor Pass Clubhouse?
Only homeowners are allowed to rent out the clubhouse. If you would like to rent the clubhouse for an event, please email or call (503-445-1238) Carra Pewsey with Community Management.
How do I correctly dispose of my garbage and recycling?
Please recycle in the blue bins and break down large cardboard boxes for the benefit of the community. If you need to dispose of furniture or other large items, please take them to a local recycling and/or landfill facility. These options reduce our costs and keep our community clean.

Problems or suggestions

If you need to report an issue to management or you have a fantastic idea you would like to pass along, this is the place to find out more:

How do I report a problem?
You can report a problem via this site and we'll relay it to the necessary person, or you can contact community management by phone (503-445-1238 | 503-233-0300) or email.
When can I discuss an issue with the Board?
If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with the board, contact community management by phone (503-445-1238 | 503-233-0300) or email.
Where can I leave a suggestion or recommendation?
Feel free to offer us a suggestion or recommendation here, otherwise you can reach out to community management by phone (503-445-1238 | 503-233-0300) or email.


From getting your Internet set up to arranging for heating in your home, utilities can bring about a lot of important questions. These answers should point you in the right direction:

How do I obtain my water and sewer bill information?
Go to minolusa.com/residents and create a login. You can select your statement delivery method – paper or email.
How do I set up my Internet?
Contact Fibersphere at info@fibersphere.com | 503-681-8755 or visit http://www.fibersphere.com/. Make sure to explain you're an Arbor Pass resident.
Who should I contact about heating and electricity?
For heating get in touch with NW Natural and for electricity contact PGE.

On The Calendar

Board meetings, community gatherings, parties and everything else going on around Arbor Pass.



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